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What  Recovery Do you Seek?


We  support our clients  with individualized care using homeopathic remedies that remove the cravings,  help the body heal from the original physical and emotional traumas that led them to either prescription medication or self medication, known as:  addiction.

Our clients have recovered from: 


Toxic relationships,  antibiotics, indulgence, chemical toxicity, neurotoxins, heavy metals, too much time in the sun, overdoing it on the golf course, weekend athleticism, sitting, smoking… and of course the more commonly considered concerns:


Alcohol, Benzo withdrawal syndrome, opioids, anti-depressants, recreational drugs, over-eating, anxiety, smoking, substance abuse, addiction.

Benzo Withdrawal/BIND 




Our unique approach rebuilds health, reduces common side effects* of medications improve sleep, support emotional balance,  ease withdrawal and detoxify

Compassionate inquiry, cognitive behavioral therapy combined with physical and energetic wellness support is what we call:  RECOVERY NATURALLY.

Pills on Spoons

Recovery from Addiction
the usual way....

12 steps and swapping out one drug for another...

Does this sound familiar?


Hollywood stereotype of 12 step meetings in church basements that you enter through a cloud of cigarette smoke with a table against the wall, piled high with donuts and coffee. 


For many coming off opioids, benzos, anxiety medications with a doctor's help means more medications that have side effects.


The current position on what causes addiction assumes a fundamental character flaw: something felt so good the first time, that we just did not want to ever live without it and would sacrifice our homes, families, careers and health to get it and have it in our lives.

If good advice, the right diet,  a prescription, a visit to rehab or a mediation retreat was enough,  would we be overweight, overdosed and go to rehab an average of 10 times. If 12 steps were enough, would people trade their addictions for cigarettes, donuts and coffee?

Is there more to the Recovery Puzzle? At Recovery Naturally, we believe there is. 

Recovery, the Natural Way...

At Recovery Naturally, we understand that trauma to the body and the soul are the underpinnings to most addictive behavior. Our aim is to direct healing there, and as a successful consequence, the cravings, the coping , the behavior of addiction no longer satisfies or is necessary to feel "normal".  

Our outpatient program individualizes recovery for our clients with mindfulness, intention, nutrition, homeopathy, neurotransmitter repair, specifically targeted nutrition that defeats cravings, emotional support with counseling and flower essences, Emotional Freedom Technique and body work. 

We don't condemn those who may fail in their efforts to "white knuckle" their way to recovery. 

Current research suggests that  addiction is caused by combinations  of  an imbalanced microbiome, neurotransmittor deficiences, environmental toxins, early trauma, susceptibility from previous generations  genetics and triggering events.

You are multi-dimensional, and so is Recovery Naturally.

Natural Recovery Solutions for ....

Microbiome Imbalance

Digestive Diseases

Anti Aging


BenzoDiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome

Detox from Addictions

and environmental toxins


Energetic and Frequency support for Self Growth 

Pre & Post Surgery

or Dental work  homeopathic support 

Post Viral Syndromes Including Long Covid

Inflammatory illnesses 

Dermatological Concerns

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