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New York City

Our Practitioner,
Author, Educator & Researcher

Lise Battaglia, 


Addictions Professional, Functional Nutrition, Homeopathy, GAPS practitioner, Bach Flower Essences practitioner, Biofield Tuner

In private practice in New York City, and globally via video telehealth,  Lise has been collaborating with physicians and individuals since 1990. 


Ms. Battaglia, a Certified Addictions Practitioner; educates and mentors those wishing to recover from dependence on medications, recreational drugs and habits that do not support optimal health. Employing holistic methods: Homeopathy, Biofield Resonance Tuning, GAPS diet, Bach Flower Essences, Lise supports the mind/body field to harness and activate the self healing in her clients.  

Lise  is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, certified by the Council on Homeopathic Certification (CCH) and Registered Society of Homeopaths North America. She earned advanced standing as a Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) and is certified as: a GAPS Practitioner, a Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor, and a Bach Flower Essences Registered Practitioner. Lise has been an invited speaker in international conferences devoted to integrative holistic care and homeopathy. 

Lise is currently at work on two volumes, one for practitioners and one for the health seeker- how to guid for integrative care - a resource and clinical guide. Due out in 2024. 


A dedicated member of the Homeopathic and Natural medicine communities, Lise has served on the Board of The Florida Homeopathic Society; was crisis counselor for 12 years with Saint Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital in NYC, for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Rape; was a Special Diets mentor to professional chefs for 8 years with the American Personal Chef Association. 


Ms. Battaglia began her career in empowerment and healing as a counsellor, and published author and special diets chef.  Eating well to live well is essential; Recovery of all conditions is enhanced through Microbiome restoration. As a GAPS practitioner, Lise partners and mentors GAPS practitioners in using homeopathy to enhance recovery.  Her work as a homeopath and GAPS practitioner has been featured in GAPS University.

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