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GAPS™: The Gut And Psychology Syndrome.

What is the GAPS concept?

GAPS™is an abbreviation for Gut And Psychology Syndrome as well as Gut And Physiology Syndrome. This concept was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2004. It comes out of her own despair, finding no help from the medical community for her small son who was diagnosed with autism. Through this protocol she was able to heal her son and thousands of others have been helped. GAPS™ is a syndrome that describes the connection between conditions of the brain, the digestive system and the immune system. The diet is based on 20 years of research into the nutritional aspects of healing the intestines to heal the body and mind.

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The GAPS™ Protocol Has Three Elements:

  1. Diet

  2. Supplementation

  3. Detoxification and Lifestyle Changes


Conditions Improved With GAPS™:

​Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, Anxiety and Depression are GAPS conditions that fall under the term ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome’ whereas conditions such as Asthma, Eczema, Mercury and heavy metal toxicity, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, MS, Food Allergies and Sensitivities and Type 1 Diabetes are GAPS™ conditions that fall under the term ‘Gut and Physiology Syndrome’.

Hippocrates was quoted as saying, “All disease begins in the gut”, and today’s research consistently proves this to be true. GAPS™ conditions are essentially digestive disorders. The digestive system is a long tube, from mouth to anus, and what you fill that tube with has a direct effect on its well-being. That is why the diet is the most important and the number one treatment.

Leaky Gut

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  1. You may be familiar with the term, “Leaky Gut”. This refers to the problems we experience when our intestines are not properly able to absorb nutrients. We often develop sensitivities to foods, substances and our environment. We suffer a kind of malnutrition that robs our body of what it needs to supply our brains and our physical body with the brain chemicals and hormones we need to be happy, sane and strong.


  3. By sealing (no more leaky gut!) and healing the gut, thousands of families across the globe have achieved a level of health that they thought was impossible. Without drugs, improvement and cures are being reported from ADHD, Autism, Chrohn’s, Diabetes, C-Diff, hard to lose weight, allergies, skin diseases and more.

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Developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Neurologist, Nutritionist and Author, The GAPS™ diet helped her son heal from Autism. It has been embraced by parents and individuals the world over who understand that a healthy body can mean a healthy mind.

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  1. Lise Battaglia is one of 15 GAPS™ practitioners in Florida, certified by Dr. Mc Bride. Lise Battaglia is the only Certified Constitutional Homeopath, Registered Bach Flower Practitioner and GAPS practitioner in the United States.  The synergy and dynamism of these three modalities afford the GAPS client with Lise to enjoy deep healing on emotional, physical and energetic levels.  All of the modalites used by Lise are backed by clinical studies, are non toxic, non habit forming and can be used side by side with all conventional medical care.


  3. The unique value that Lise brings to the GAPS™ experience is her use of homeopathic remedies which aid in detoxification (hands down the most challenging part of the diet) and priming the overall immunity and self healing ability of the person to more fully and quickly heal from leaky gut. Often healing the gut alone will bring about healing of the person and this can take 2 years or more. The addition of homeopathy shortens that timeline.

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One of a kind Coaching – Enhanced GAPS™

It all begins with the function, or malfunction of the GI tract. A malfunctioning GI Tract is also a contributory factor in allergies, ADHD, Anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia, cancer, IBS, Chron’s disease, celiac disease, and chronic pain syndrome, among other things.

For some folks who have followed the diet, improvement can be seen in a few hours. Long lasting healing takes time. Repairing the Gut requires a consistent habit of repopulating the intestines with healthy bacteria. 

Detoxification from the “bad” pathogenic bacteria that is responsible for many feeling of depression, mental fogginess, anxiety, skin disorders and behavior problems.

For these types of emotional symptoms due to detoxification and gut imbalance, Bach Flower Essences provide an additional layer of support and healing. As a Bach Flower Practitioner for 20 years, Lise is uniquely qualified to offer this to her GAPS coaching clients and students.

This can be done on your own. Everyone needs support though. Dr. McBride’s book: Gut and Psychology Syndrome is the template of how to heal our guts.

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