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About Biofield Tuning

You are Vibration.

Our Experience On Earth is in Frequency.

Wellness, Illness, Struggle, Happiness, Love… it all has a frequency.

To be “in tune” means that our frequency is harmonious

Biomagnetism is the phenomenon where magnetic fields are produced by living things, especially by the human body.


The Biofield tuning method is the process of helping the body recalibrate itself, bringing about coherence where there is incoherence in the energy field that surrounds the body. Emotions are energy in motion, therefore our heartbeat reflects the quality of our emotions.

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Moving From Chaos To Coherence

Difficult emotions produce chaotic and incoherent wave forms. When we go through difficult life experiences, those energies stay with us and continue to inform us at a physical and emotional level that bypasses the conscious mind. Some experiences are just more than we can process at the time. Also, If our reaction to difficult emotions is to SUPPRESS them, then those wave forms don’t complete their cycle and become stuck energies in our biofield.


All too often people’s lives are dictated by a painful life story. The energies of these unprocessed life experiences stay with us and disrupt our lives. The Biofield Tuning method is the process of digging these energies up from their frozen state, assisting the body to bring about coherence and returning the energy back to the body.


Because we are magnetic beings, life often reflects back to us the qualities we transmit through our personal broadcast. Biofield Tuning is an elegant way to release these blocked energies and bring coherence to distorted energy patterns.

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