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The Recovery Naturally Way

Anxiety Care

Microbiome repair

Trauma recovery

Pain Management

Responsible Tapering

Detox support 

Drug Free:

Pain Management,
Emotional Harmony
Detox Support
Tapering support


We approach addiction and recovery

through unconventional paths.


The consultation with Lise is an investigative one into why and how your recovery can naturally relieve you of your current distress with recreational or prescription drug can .  


Every Client Works with Lise one to one. This is not a  program that groups together diagnosed people and only offering  general recommendations .

During healing there are organic moments when we seek out new behaviors and habits. The work we do at Recovery Naturally activates the will, the inspiration, the clarity and motivation to live in alignment with our highest expression of health, clarity, and peace.  


You are sovereign. Lise has been studying and still studies and gathers the skills to  support the healing of her clients. But it's all you. 

from which  therapeutic remedies,daily flower essences, practices, weekly and daily homeopathic remedies, nutritional support, strategy sessions to set priorities and decisions on what to do next, based on how you are progressing, what might have come up that needs attention now.

Prescription Medications

Modern medicine  can help us get through crises, avoid a serious outcome, save lives. Yet antibiotics, contraception, pain killers, opioids, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and benzodiazepines, to name a few, can be taken to excess and cause side effects or damage .

Homeopathy since its origin over 200 years ago has been  effective in supporting self-healing  from the damage of toxic substances and medicine. It is the medicine of detoxification and re-harmonization of our body to its greatest self-healing capacity. 

It is a seminal part of  Recovery Naturally 's approach to Addiction, Medication Taper and Withdrawal Support. 


Without the prejudices of "what addiction is" "what the usual side effects are of medications". Her curiosity and devotion to understanding how the emotions and body work, has led her to explore  the many ways that cultures:  scientific, spiritual and holistic answer the question- what has gone awry in a persons biology, psychology, environment, experience that leads them to solve their problems through self harm ?

Most recovery journeys are a minimum of 3 months, again, depending on what you are working with.  Pricing is adjusted per client for sustainable contact. Things can start out slowly or intensely.  The initial consultation can be 2 hours or 10 minutes once a week for 4 months - we meet you where you are, and learn where you want to go and share what we have seen and can do to get you there.

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