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Medication Detox & Taper Support

Over 300 symptoms have been identified to persist for years after the cessation of certain prescription medications. This is a growing problem only just being acknowledged by conventional  medicine. Slow taper and some nutritional support is helpful.

Lise , as a practitioner  of Human Detox Therapy, is one of a small number of  homeopaths experienced in successfully  supporting clients with these challenging conditions.

Lise as a Certified Addictions Professional, Homeopath and Micrombiome Restoration Expert  brings a unique perspective to neurotransmitter  recovery and balancing.

Since 2018 Lise has supported her clients in prescription medication tapers working collaboratively  with their medical doctors. 

Anti depressants
Mood stabilizers

Fluoroquinolone Antimicrobial Drugs 

Antibiotic Resistance
Microbiome Restoration

 Detox & Withdrawal Support
Recreational Drugs & Addictions

Sober? Almost Sober? In Detox? Contemplating Sobriety?  We offer holistic, individualized support

Holistic Healing approaches, in particular: dietary and homeopathy consider that diet, trauma, leaky gut, life long diet, genetics, natal trauma and nutrition , neurotransmitter imbalance caused by chemical or environmental toxins, food sensitivities, and inflammation can all trigger :craving appetites and behaviors: also known as  addiction and substance dependence. 

Lise's understanding and recovery approach has evolved over 30years. The initial tools of flower essences and diet are still used today with great success for her clients, enhanced and advanced with Homeopathy, Biofield Tuning and a growing list of referrals for modalities she has seen work. This is your journey to recovery, you are unique and we believe your path will be too. Lise happily works with other practitioners for your optimal success. 

It begins with a conversation.

Let's learn about each other. 

Free 15 minute  conversation with Lise Battaglia one on one- hear what she can offer as a practitioner relative to your concerns.  Test her  skills and resources as a strategy companion to finding the care you seek, where you live. 

You are an individual and so is our practice.  One-on-One, individualized care. Always. 

Bring your questions about homeopathy, microbiome restoration, trauma, hard to heal conditions, overcoming side effects from medications, detox from environmental toxins, GAPS diet, Bio Field Tuning, Bach Flower Essences . 

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