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Why Join Us?  PEACE.

Privacy .

Your information, your confidential communication is very important to us. The highest priority , in fact.  We want that to be guaranteed. Communication, document sharing , history forms , release forms and bookings are behind double password protection in compliance with  HIPPA requirements. 



Click this, download that... we all want it now... When I had my last site built, integration were  on the wish list- if only this feature would communicate with that... well now they do and it gets easier everyday. Honestly, I just want to work with amazing clients, write and teach.  In my spare time, swim, love and follow my inner guidance.  


The way things were until this summer, were  frustrating for clients, glitchy and not as easy as they could be. 


On this new site - you will have chat as part of a downloadable mobile app, that is integrated with bookings, billings, notes for before and after appointments (no more remedy suggestions or dosing notes in the thread of chat) .  Downloadable important "how-to" notes, reminders, alerts when messages are posted. And in time...more


Important and often shared documents from Lise are availabot all the time.  No more need to request each time. The way the membership area is organized is, in our estimation, is also more intuitive.


It is so important to have a before and after the remedy  sense of how you are feeling - The membership area gives us that  a kind of snapshot - fostering this awareness.  For long term clients, the history of all previous conversations - please inquire about making a  copy for yourself.


Self healing , we believe,  defines true healing . If we are not more whole, brought back more to who we came here to be, then improvement in our current circumstances may be partial, short lived or worse: a precursor to more advanced pathology, deeper distress.


Essential to healing is education. So we will share information. And all remedies suggested in our practice share the principle information. Through resonance, frequency or nano particle, attunment and information is provided  to the Vital Force (self healing principle as described in Samuel Hahnemann's Organon) so it can do it's job of self healing... better.  Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Nourishment, Gut health, and Biofield tuning are all informational tools. 


Follow the pop-up that shows up on your mobile device, or follow this link to download the app. 

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Join the site as a member

Look to the upper right of every page on this website - Log In- and follow the prompts to register.


Follow the pop-up that shows up on your mobile device, or follow this link to download the app.


Need your previous chats? Contact us. 

Before July 25th 2023- we can help you copy and keep your data for free. Need more time, not interested in DIY? No worries! Let us know by July 25th we will have it copied for you for a modest fee.


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