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72yo woman free of benzo and opioid dependence in 18 months - without waves or windows.

Updated: Feb 17

And holding steady at 6 1/2 years.

Carole, came into my office looking like a cartoon character who had been hit in the back of her head with a cast iron pan. She was a little shaky, kind of spinning and not speaking very coherently.

She was seeing "things" on her TV that were not being broadcast . For the past 15 years she had been prescribed tamazalpam and alprazolam she was taking two prescription benzodiazepines and an opioid. These were medications she had taken on and off for 15 years.

After a traditional, constitutional , homeopathic interview, I learned about her physical, emotional and mental symptoms related to the medications and her original physical and emotional traumas that led to her being prescribed the medications in the first place. She left the office with a homeopathic remedy selected for her individually. The remedies are chosen to support her innate self healing (not the diagnosis, not the disease, not the problem) , based on the findings of the interview.

She saw some improvement in a an hour.  

Over the next 18 months  she was   pain, hallucination, medication, waves and windows FREE .

When I shared my results, I  was  told she tapered "too fast" and that she "should " have suffered from "waves and windows" of pain and relief, as the damaged neurotransmitter receptor sites slowly and  naturally healed.

 If they would at all.  ​This client today is 79 years old,  feeling the best she has in many years.

 ​This  method of homeopathic detox is rooted in traditional homeopathy and innovative detox research of Dr.Ton Jansen of Human Detox Therapy and Dr. Joe Rozencwajg's remarkable  detoxification research. We are all a  part of a growing community of practitioners with 100s clients in tapering and healing from prescription toxicity. My expertise has become Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.  

I work with individuals,  lead corporate wellness programs, 

teach homeopaths, support Recovery Coaches and host online Support Groups.

Contact me to learn more.

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02 mar

One hour … I know each person is different!!! That’s incredible!!!

Me gusta
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