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...Modalities and Methods even those your Doctor doesn't know about...

Updated: Feb 17

What we all want from our health care.

Medicine that does its job well: Helps us heal without side effects.

In our postpandemic world we are putting our lives in order, adjusting to our losses and asking.... Did I know about everything that was effective and being utilized to protect myself and my family? Was I able to make informed decisions about my health care?

Is there something else I could have done? For my present concerns, the medications I am on, the body pain, the inflammation, the infections that keep coming back- Is there more I can do???

Pod casts are exploding with anti aging hacks; advice about when to eat, what to eat; supplements, nighttime weightless drinks, online coaching- selling a method, a routine, a diet, 24 hour soundtracks of biurnal beats with subliminal messaging and healing frequencies. It is empowering to know that there are options. And overwhelming.

Aside from What's New. Many modalities have been tested by time are rooted in a holistic understandings of body, mind and soul. Drawing upon anatomy and energy , activating the self healing capability of the body, these modalities may be known and unknown to you .

Perhaps you have said to your conventional doctor- Would acupuncture help? Would massage help? I want to take these remedies and supplements - will that help or hinder?

And because these modalities are not part of your conventional doctors training, the response may have been something like...

" I don't know... better play it safe and avoid that."

" No milk thistle won't help with your liver disease"

"That's just placebo."

We live with the hope for truly integrative care, with each form of medicine or care put to work for us , to do what each does best.

Recovery Naturally's practitioner Lise Battaglia has been consulting with clients for over 30 years to utilize the many forms of care that their doctors did not know about. These modalities, how to select them, how to find reputable practitioners, what they are most effective for, how they can be used together and the unique results enjoyed are the subject of her upcoming book , due out in 2024.

In the mean time.... Lise is offering strategy sessions to those interested who are not currently in her practice.

If you are still just looking , evaluating your options... the 60- 90 minutes spent with Lise will prove to be priceless. Being able to start healing as soon as possible, activating your self healing, which you can use alongside conventional care if you choose, or on as stand alone care. You will have the comfort knowing how to use these options for their maximum benefit to you. Lise is trained and skilled in her areas of expertise, certainly. These sessions are offered completely without bias. You will not be directed or eased into any particular choice of care.

Consider Lise your research partner, who has experienced over 27 unique modalities in her own healing journey. She can speak from personal experience, and as a holistic professional, she evaluates and understands the various modalities within a new paradigm in which the patient is sovereign and the activation of self healing is paramount .

You wont be in a conversation where a program or a modality is sold to you. It's not all about what we do, it's all about what you want, and what's "out there" for you.

What you will gain is an understanding of how the various modalities can work together for your health and wellness goals, and resources . Regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis, it is never too late to get started in self healing, with practices and practitioners you understand with know how to apply in your own self healing strategy.

Removal of side effects from medications, alternatives for pain relief, comfort at all stages of illness or wellness; be it emotional or physical- is priceless.

Bring your health concern

Leave with a roadmap through the many forms of healing that can help you.

How to choose health care modalities ...even the ones your doctors don't know about...

What we all want: Healthcare that employs the best of each form of medicine, to do what it does best for our wellbeing. This 60 minute session with equip you with the knowledge, the resources to chart a truly holistic way to wellness.

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