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Homeopathy Curing the Planet- reports from Brazil and beyond.

Updated: Feb 17

University of Connecticut Medical School in collaboration with Faculty of Homeopathy in The United Kingdom, AIH, GIRI (translations to come) sponsored Groundbreaking Research: Homeopathy and the Future of GlobalHealth. 500 attendees online from 23 countries and 150 attendees in person.

What a weekend! Honestly I don't love the lost items, the transportation glitches, the luggage and the lousy meals. But the think tank aspect of these meetings, the generosity of spirit and the shared vision to investigate and share our passionate inquiry, "what else can homeopathy do?" is a constant in these gatherings, and brings me back every time.

The first of the two most important results from this weekend for me were- unanimous support for the

addiction work we are doing at Recovery Naturally, utilizing Ton Jansen's Human Chemistry materia medica and the remedies he has discovered which we are using to support the humane and much less painful withdrawal from medication and drugs - and long term successes. More on this in weeks to come.

And Two - Amazing research from Brazil and Italy in which low potency glyphosate, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and silica have had on reversing pollution!!! yes in rivers, lakes and on land. Can't wait to share more!

Aude Sapere! Dare to know!

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