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RX Medication Recovery & BIND

1 in 8 Americans are prescribed 

Anti- ADHD medications. 

They help then they stop helping, and then it is hard to live without them. 

In today's world, the prevalence of prescription drug addiction has reached alarming levels. What might begin as a legitimate treatment for pain, anxiety, or sleep disorders can quickly spiral into dependency and addiction, leaving individuals trapped in a cycle of physical and psychological turmoil.


Not only do the medications  become addictive , in some cases they impair the body's ability to do what it was born able to do.  Neurotransmitter damage from these medications can leave a person in a state of protracted withdrawal that can last years, and leave the person disabled, lose their jobs, their families and no exageration, their will to live. 

The most alarming development is the identification of BIND: Benzodiazepine -induced neurological dysfunction. 

We have found in our practice that individualized homeopathic care  works  very gently and consistently to rebuild neurotransmitters, relieve the suffering the medications were originally prescribed for and mitigate side effects from the medications and ease the taper.


We work with the medications not against them. We are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medications for any tapering. Our clients all must have a prescribing psychiatrist.   


Unlike conventional medications, homeopathic remedies are non-habit forming and free from toxic side effects, making them a safe and gentle option for long-term healing.

If you or someone you know is struggling with prescription drug addiction, consider exploring the healing potential of homeopathy.


With its gentle yet effective approach to restoring neurotransmitter function and supporting the vital force, homeopathy offers hope for a brighter, drug-free future.


 Healing starts right away  in our practice, no one has to wait to finish with the taper before the self healing begins.   The innate healing capacity of the body will get to work, even in the presence of the medications  a person  is struggling with.  Multiple medications can be addressed in our practice.


By the time a  tapering is done, our clients are already feeling so much like their true selves.  The last dose of the tapered medication brings no sudden distress or difficulty. Why? Because the damage done by the medications has already been addressed during the tapering process.  

Recovery Naturally, no side effects, fewer and fewer waves and windows; faster and easier. 


Let’s Work Together

By appointment in Ormond Beach, Florida & NYC

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