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Homeopathic Treatment


A Natural Approach to Recovery 

Freedom from: BIND,Cravings, Dependence,  Side Effects.  

The reversal of Benzodiazepine Induced Neurological Disorder happened when we were  doing something else. 

My name is Lise Battaglia, and I am an addictions professional and a homeopath.  I did not set out to "fix" "heal" "cure"  "treat". Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome. What I was doing was basic traditional , homeopathic constitutional care.  I had a client who came with hallucinations and unrelenting physical pain. Both of which were treated with strong pharmaceutical prescriptions, and for several years:  Alprazolam, Tamazalpam and Hydro-oxycodone.   Using my training to identify the remedies that best matched her symptoms over the next 2 years she was able to come off all three medications, became pain free and no longer had hallucinations.  I learned afterwards that this was "too fast" and that she should have suffered from "waves and windows" of pain and relief, as the damaged neurotransmitter receptor sites slowly and  naturally healed.  If they would at all.   ​ Yet that is not what happened. She healed, she has been free of these medications for several years and at 79 she is feeling the best she has in many years.   ​ From this experience grew the method of homeopathic , nutritional and energetic care that has supported over 100 clients in tapering and healing through  Benzodiazepine  withdrawal and they are now free of cravings, free of dependence and free of pain. 

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