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Lise Battaglia

Addictions Professional, Functional Nutrition, Homeopathy, GAPS practitioner, Bach Flower Essences practitioner, Biofield Tuner

In private practice in New York City, and globally via video telehealth,  Lise is a professional Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioner . Utilizing a non-patriarchal approach, drawing upon non-prescription, holistic methods the "healer within" is activated in her clients.    Lise offers a range of holistic modalities tailored to each patient's needs to ensure the most efficient and transformative healing process. Regularly witnessing remarkable  healing in her clients-


Lise considers herself fortunate to accompany them on their miraculous healing journeys.


 Call or book a free discovery session for your Recovery, Naturally. 

New York City
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Crisis & Addictions Counsellor.
Holistic Recovery Coach

Lise began her career in empowerment and healing as a counsellor; a crisis counselor for 12 years with Saint Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital in NYC, for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Rape. As a Certified Addictions Practitioner; educates, coaches, mentors  and helps those wishing to detox, withdraw, taper and recover from dependence on medications, recreational drugs and habits that do not support optimal health.   An innovator in Addictions - Lise uses an integrative approach to resolve physical and emotional trauma, allergies, microbiome imbalance, (leaky gut) damaged and  neurotransmitter deficiencies, chemical, heavy metal, and environmental toxins  to support deep healing and remove the cause for craving.   In over 30 years of practice, Lise considers  addiction and substance mis-use not as a weakness of character, but a result of many causes. 

Herbal Treatment

Lise  is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, certified by the Council on Homeopathic Certification (CCH) and Registered Society of Homeopaths North America RSHom(NA). She earned advanced standing as a Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC), in  Homeopathic Detox  (HDT) credentialed by the university of Human Chemistry, CEASE,   and is certified as: a Certified Addictions Professional, GAPS Practitioner, a Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor,  a Bach Flower Essences Registered Practitioner  (BFRP) and Biofield Tuning Practitioner. 

Homeopathic Bottles

“Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all.”
― Voltaire


GAPS, Culinary Nutrition & Microbiome Restoration

 There is a direct link between gut health and healthy brain chemistry and in the craving mechanism of the brain.  


Recovery of all conditions is enhanced through Microbiome restoration, customized diet and, allergy avoidance.


 Lise incorporates homeopathy to heal the gut to enhance recovery in mental illness, Autism, cardiovascular disease,  substance and medication/dependence withdrawal.  


As a thought leader in this area Lise  was the host of  Florida Healthy Lifestyle Show, has been an invited presenter, lecturer at : GAPS University, Florida State College, Trinity Health Hub, Integrative Health Conferences, the Annie Appleseed Conference, the Joint American Homeopathic Conference,Oxford University.

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