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White knuckling it no more...

Updated: Feb 27

Welcome to Recovery Naturally: Your Path to Holistic Addiction Recovery

Are you tired of struggling with cravings and feeling trapped in the cycle of addiction? At Recovery Naturally, we have a different view than most. We understand that people crave for the addictive substance , not because they have a fundamental flaw, or suffer from an illness.

Something makes us crave. And that is what we focus on: identifying and giving the body and mind what it needs to ... crave no more..

The use of homeopathic remedies, microbiome correcting diet, some supplementation, healing emotional and physical trauma... that's what we do, what we help your body do. No swapping one addiction for another, no medication to get off street or prescription drugs. No habit forming , or toxic substances.

If are in detox, just out of detox, cant make it though detox. We can help.

If you are in withdrawal, we can help.

If you want to avoid relapse, we can help.

We understand that addiction is not just a physical dependency or a personal weakness. For some it is food sensitivities, leaky gut, poor neurotransmitter quality, poor blood sugar balancing, trauma : physical or emotional.

Recovery Naturally goes beyond substance avoidance to address the deeper issues at play. Through personalized treatment plans, we focus on healing what specifically causes you to crave and nurturing overall well-being.

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